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Your First Job

Your first job matters.

If you get (and do well) in your first job as a software developer, no one will care where you went to university or how well you did there. The friends and colleagues you work with in your first job will likely form the core of your professional network for your entire life. If you work with a good startup you will work on real problems, gain practical experience with the software development life cycle, and get familiar with many aspects of starting and running a technology business.

In the startup space it can be hard to know who is for real. In your first job you hope to get as much back in skill development and experience as you give in effort. Your relationship with your coworkers is key. Remotely it can be hard to know who exactly you will work with and how your chemistry with them will be.

Attending tech and startup events in Bangalore is a good way to meet senior software developers working in fast growing startups. These meetups provide a social environment where senior and junior developers can meet and share their stories. Often these conversations can be slow with relationships forming over months. It can also take months for young people without experience to impress people with their abilities.

Jaaga Study is a place where bright young people can live cheaply and hone their technical skills while they engage with the larger Bangalore startup community by participating in local meetups & hackathons. At the same time they’ll make friends and establish good life habits through yoga and meditation.