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Year Program

Right now I am accepting people into Jaaga Study for the quarter running January thru March 2016.

This is enough for people to make significant progress towards their goals. For most people completely new to programming its not enough to skill up enough to be immediately productive as a software engineer in a startup.

Towards this I’d like to define a year program where people do become professionals. There are no prerequisites other than a strong desire to learn, motivation and discipline.

The year follows a regular format
– 6 months in Bangalore
– 2 months in Dharamshala
– 4 months internship with startup or NGO

I’d like to offer an even longer program for people who want to go deep into machine learning / artificial intelligence, or android / mobile development and entrepreneurship. This will likely take another two – three years of specialization to become proficient.

I also feel it is important to point out that Jaaga Study is much more holistic than most coding bootcamps. There is a strong emphasis on yoga, social service, and physical self reliance as practiced by building the temporary structures we live and work in. – Oh. and there’s electric unicycles 🙂