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YC Startups and Trends

Reading through Tech Crunch’s list of startups to come out of this batch of the YCombinator, here are some that I think are interesting:

WIT.AI – voice recognition developer tools. With new technologies a reasonable startup strategy is to go in and establish oneself as a player in that space while developing further expertise.
Cambly – connect native language speakers with people who want to learn (on a smart phone)
AirPair – connect software developers with people who want help.
Unbabel – human assisted language translation.
These three are at some level niche job boards. In the future we’ll turn to our internet connected devices to get paid. As we look for startup ideas a good approach is to explore niche versions of more general services.
[ – managed airbnb hosting. I believe this is interesting as it is essentially renting out humans who will operate a web service and take care of the human interface. As our costs are low we can pursue startup ideas that require significant human resources. The general equation of humans use web / mobile service and manage the human interface is large. There are certainly more interesting startups in here but I think these represent some trends I think are interesting for #JaagaStudy students.