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What is news?

A quick must read before crafting a Press Release by Julien Newman- Founder of Mayvin, a Jaaga Startup. Points to remember : WHAT IS NEWS? – Happening today and won’t happen tomorrow. -Locally relevant. (Publish multiple press releases if necessary) – Hasn’t been said/done before. – Isn’t common knowledge. – Ties into something that is news. – Matters to the audience. – Spokespeople can be the news. WHAT IS NOT NEWS? – Promotion for your startup. – Recurring. Happening over a long period. – Expected. Known. Obvious. PREP – What’s the news? (What would be the headline in the newspaper?) – How could I split this into 3 press releases? – Who are my spokespeople? 1 quote that can be attributed to them? WRITING – Title + Subtitle if necessary – Lead – Body of text (write so that the journalists can use certain lines) – Quote(s) – Supporting documents PITCHING – Which news source would care about this? (print, electronic, online) – Which journalists would care about this? – Who would want an embargoed release? (Watch out with online sources) – Write your pitch: your news in 2 lines, your spokesperson in 1 line – Schedule lots of interviews. – Call the least important journalists first.  Get your pitch down pat. – Call each person many times. Call until you reach them. Leave a voicemail and send an email if you can’t reach them. – Start pitching early. Subscribe for events/ Like us on Facebook:  downloadFollow us on Twitter: download (1)