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Welcome to the new Jaaga.IN

Hello Jaaga family!

Welcome to our new site! We’ve given it a lot of love and attention so we have a completely new look. Please, take a look around and let us know what you think.

As you can see we’ve redesigned it around our four platforms: Community, DNA (Design + Networks +Art), Study, and Startup.

As a versatile physical space we serve as a community hub: our Community platform. Our building serves as a creative common ground for people to come together and learn from each other. Check out the calendar for upcoming events!

Design+Networks+Art or DNA is where all of our love for art, design, technology, activism and community building comes together into interdisciplinary projects. We run multifaceted workshops, meet-ups, presentations, and manage platforms to bring activated denizens of the world together in meaningful ways.

Jaaga Study is an intensive one-year program designed to help young people become solid software developers who are financially independent and can create the next generation of web and mobile applications. Jaaga provides the physical space and support to help students through the process while accessing MOOCs from the world’s top universities. We are accepting applications now on the ‘Study’ page!

And last but certainly not least is our Jaaga Startup community: here are Jaaga we have many amazing startups who work out of our building in our inexpensive coworking space. We provide these companies workspace, electricity, and internet along with opportunities to meet and discuss common challenges and networking opportunities.

So, dear family, welcome welcome to our new online space!

Lots of love,

The Jaaga Team