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Video Stars

I’ve long believed in the transformative power of Internet video. Short of direct personal interaction, nothing creates empathy like video. With the internet making videos from anyone available to everyone there’s a chance for independent producers to influence the world like never before.

Bangalore has a great scene of tech startups and social entrepreneurs. If we can use video effectively to make our presence and products known, we can scale up the impact we have in the world. To encourage this I would like to launch the Bangalore Video Star Awards to take place in mid-March and recognize the best Internet videos coming out of India.

Categories for awards
Video Blogs:
Best Niche Video Series
Best Video Blog Personality
Best Video Game Screen Cast

Product Videos:
Best Product Intro Video
Best Product Getting Started Video
Best Product Support Videos
Beset Product Idea Crowdfunding Video

Social Impact Videos:

Best Social Impact Crowd Funding Video
Best NGO Intro Video
Best Call to Action Video
Best Social Impact Video


Most Views
Most Shares
Most Likes

Watch this space for more details.