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Update to the Application Process / Workshop

Based on our experience reviewing applications for the first batch of the Study program we are streamlining the application process a bit. We found that CodeAcademy did more to help us understand a person’s dedication and aptitude for programming than KhanAcademy and ODesk. I had thought that the Khan Academy lessons would serve as a bit of an aptitude test and I was curious about the correlation between math skills and programming ability. In practice though our applicants were more senior and we didn’t want to ask them to go back and take a basic math pretest. Later we may open the program to younger people where we focus more on Khan Academy and English skills for sometime before starting the programming portion of the program, but for now we’re taking this out:

4. – create an account – take the Math Pretest – invite to be your coach… – complete these practice sections – – one step equations – – two step equations – – multi-step equations – – equations with variables on both sides – – Go through the first couple of programming exercises and create a self portrait using the Khan Academy Programming Editor

We’re also going to take out the odesk tasks for now. Its an interesting path, but I want to deemphasize doing this type of client work as we found that once students engage with paying clients, client interaction starts taking up the majority of their time.

6. – Create an Account – Fill out profile – take the basic english test – take the oDesk readiness test

We’ll revisit these again next quarter and see what makes sense. This go round we’ll mostly focus on CodeAcademy to see whether someone has the aptitude and dedication they need to be successful in this program.