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Unicycle Roadmap

David Huang came over yesterday and helped us trouble shoot some problems we’re having with the current unicycles. It’s been nice having someone with some experience around. It gives us the confidence to open up the unicycles, and open up the batteries to see whats going on. In talking with him I was able to articulate my near term (1 – 2 year) goals around this.

  1. Service: We need to get comfortable servicing the existing batch of unicycles. So far most of the problems we’re seeing is with the batteries not charging.

  2. Assembly: Bringing over the last batch of unicycles from China we ran afoul of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Chennai customs held the unicycles for 6 months and then declared them ‘Electric Vehicles’ subject to a 138% import duty. So in order for electric unicycles to gain traction in India we’re going to need to start assembling them here.

  3. Solar Charging: I’m hoping to up our solar game when I get back to Bangalore in September. I’d like to charge the unicycle batteries from solar directly.

  4. People should use their unicycle batteries to manage most of their personal electricity needs like charging their laptops, phones, speakers, lights.