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Unicorns of the Web World, We're Making Them

[![jaaga-unicorn-workshop](,w_525/v1510939626/jaaga-unicorn-workshop_xl4odh.jpg?resize=1024%2C357)]( the 1st Jaaga Workship on how to groom Web Designers to write code and Web Developers to understand design.
At Jaaga, many a times have we pondered on what we can do to bridge the thick red line between the contemporary web designers and developers. The two camps have always been at loggerheads, blaming the other and speaking in dialects where neither sides appreciates. Designers do not understand developer-speak and the developer always lamented with a strong – what the heck. Even a simple font-kerning or a line-height can start a battle worthy of cubicle wars in any office.

Of course, there are few who walks both sides of the realm and who appreciates both sides. These are the modern day web designers who are empathic, collaborative, constructive, fast – can whip up a graphic interface design and wield an IDE to write the codes ready to go into production. These are the unicorns that everyone is talking about these days. These are the people who appreciates their tools, understands their users and cherish beauty, breathing life to designs and interfaces.

“Desingineer” – mythical person startups are looking for who can do UI, UX and also excellent front-and back-end coding.

– Chris Dixon (@cdixon) December 19, 2011

At Jaaga, we understand that these ‘unicorns’ are the result of years of experience, the never-ending yearning to learn and to experiment. We also know that we cannot make one in months but we are willing to start and ignite the urge to interested designers and developers, so they can understand and appreciate the two worlds.

We are experimenting with a half-day workshop on Sundays to foster design and development to both designers and developers. Our first workshop happened on 12th Jan, 2014 with a good mix of both designers and developers. Designers who have never written a single line of code (HTML/CSS) and developers who have never ‘designed’.

It was an interesting mix and at the end of the day, the designers were able to write HTML/CSS designing a simple website, powered by Bootstrap. The developers were able to appreciate design and begin to understand what goes underneath a font-end design.

If you want to be part of the Jaaga’s workshop on UI/UX Designs? Sign-up.