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We’re proud to announce a one-of-a-kind, 3-month intensive bootcamp targeted at experienced designers & developers to work together to create world-class user interfaces and experiences for mobile and web applications.
### Goal
There’s been a gap between designers and developers ever since the web became a medium of communication, and that gap has widened over the years. This program aims at bridging that gap. We want to help artists and designers become world class user interface designers comfortable working with software engineers and help software developers work with designers to implement world class user interfaces for web and mobile applications.
### Methodology
Your time will be split between learning and doing. You’ll learn the basics of Human-Computer Interaction, understand usability and basic design principles and learn basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript. You’ll use what you learn in creating rich, functional websites and apps, and practice workflows used by startups all over the world.
### Costs
The 3-month intensive course is priced at ₹1,50,000, discounted to ₹99,000 initially.
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##### Application details coming soon! Stay tuned!