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The Jaaga Study Location

We have settled on a location for the Jaaga study program just outside Bangalore City near the Krishnamurti Valley School and the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Art of Living Ashram. We will be setting up the Jaaga pallet racks here on a beautiful farm that has been carefully landscaped by a local botanist.

By running this program from a slightly rural location we can be residential.  Not having to pay rent allows fellows to focus on their studies and projects and allows more opportunities to develop friendships with other students and mentors that pass through. It is also a very clean and healthy way to live.

Our program is largely about how to use the internet effectively to learn skills that can be used to create businesses and earn money on the internet. As our only requirement for this is high speed internet we can set up in the most beautiful, low cost, healthy and accessible place we can find where this is available. This place is that spot.