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The HackerSchool Residency

I’ve been reading up on the HackerSchool in New York. I really like their focus on ‘the love of programming’, how their program is largely unstructured, and their resident mentor program. Philip Guo wrote a nice article about his experience as a technical mentor resident at the HackerSchool. Its a nice post because it communicates the day today experience of being there, and high lights the specific instances of mentor interaction / collaboration people can expect from that environment. He also talks about how the unstructured environment facilitates serendipity in that people who get excited by a talk or demo have the freedom to go deeper and spend significant time exploring that topic further.

I’d like to set up a similar residency for Jaaga Study. Study has slightly more structure than hackerschool in that in addition to exploring new technologies and ideas people need to work together in teams to make something. My hope is that this structure provides a mechanism for mentors to plug-in helping teams with design decisions, doing code reviews and pairing with individuals on problems they face.

I have much to learn from HackerSchool and the other software bootcamps. I appreciate how transparent they have been with their process and experience.