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Jaaga Study Students

Like an ashram with an environment of discipline and self development. Jaaga Study maintains a daily routine:
7:30am Pranayama
8:00am Yoga Asana
10:00am Service
2:00pm Study
5:00pm Ecstatic Dance
6:30pm Kirtan
7:30pm Meditation

Pranayama and Kirtan are optional. Ecstatic dance is not required but people are encouraged to do some form of physical activity. Additionally ashram residents volunteer 15 hours a week on community activities and dedicate at least 15 hours a week towards study (primarily computer science).

Service is in the community. This is the core group that maintains operations. We get involved with the physical aspects of the space like setting and maintaining the structure, internet, solar, plumbing, kitchen and waste systems. We also work on the farm, run events and do community outreach like taking tablets around to schools.

Study is usually of software development and involves taking online classes and working on open source projects. We host a number of activities like screenings, workshops, office hours, coach sessions, code reviews, and a final demo day.