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Technical Tracks

There are three learning tracks in the Jaaga Study Program: – server side | sysops, database, business logic, security, metrics – client side | HTML5 / CSS / Javascript + Ajax – mobile / android

Each quarter fellows choose one of these tracks to study during the academic session and perform during the project session.

Fellows learn these materials by taking classes on CodeAcademy, Treehouse, CodeSchool, Udacity, … or installing tools and going through the online tutorials. We emphasize open source and spend a significant amount of time experimenting with new open source utilities.

Fellows form into teams of 10 – 15 + coach for the projects. For the initial quarter starting in January we have two projects – Online job boards & Crowdfunding.

By the end of one year most fellows will have gone through each of the three tracks and will have learned the following skills:

html/css javascript jquery storyboarding wordpress image manipulation

linux, apache, mysql, cloud management, virtualization,

intro to programming with java java and android development mobile ui design