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A quick must read before crafting a Press Release by Julien Newman- Founder of Mayvin, a Jaaga Startup. Points to remember : WHAT IS NEWS? – Happening today and won’t happen tomorrow. -Locally relevant.

Facebook’s Flux is changing client-side apps How is Facebook’s Flux architecture changing the way we build rich client-side applications? What problems do React + Flux solve? How do they compare to the

We were ecstatic to have Mr. Miguel Martin Romero, Chief Evangelist at OnePlus conduct a talk at Jaaga Startup penthouse. A sneak at what Miguel spoke about, 'OnePlus was born in Dec. 2013.


Mobhe healthcare, a startup at Jaaga recently conducted a ‘Dental check-up’ drive for employees at Jaaga and Babajobs. It was a successful drive with employees of 10 companies signing up with 35 checkups