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Jaaga deconstruction has officially begun. The Auditorium, our cavernous red heart, is now open, visible to the world. Our innards, normally concealed deep in our red and blue body, are beautifully on display

Close my eyes Mint tea and cakes For twilight inspiration Virgin smoke fills up the air A new me at every turn, every corner And the heights tease with possibilities A new dream

In they came... first a small trickle just in ones and twos. People soon heard we were collecting them as much as they could lose. Tens and twenties, more and more In they

Walked past the gray-lined steel columns that had over time become my friends Looked overhead and amidst beams of red these lines of gray held. Touched the evening smog on our Rooftop and

Blue lines Vertical steel punctuated. Rust breaking in spots. Feet astride holding aloft my dreams, while we ride this fantastical pirate ship to Enlightened Singularity's blue, blue skies. Oh, and did I mention

That common red chair on that dusty red floor so many feet shuffling Red ropes pulling on red canvas holding out the monsoon while around red tables laptop people hum I stared into

Dear Jaaga, It’s going to be our first anniversary of being together. This one year has seen me through photo assignments, writing, photo-blogs, playing the office DJ, meeting interesting people who eventually

Dearest Foodys, our darling, our love, How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love thee to the depths of Usloor Lake, to the heights of UB city, through the