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Tablets and Kids

Wow. We’re three days into our first week of going around to local schools and getting kids using apps on low cost Android tablets.

The bulk of our tablets are the iBall q40 one of the lowest cost Android tablet on the market in India right now.

It’s actually pretty good, and I’m amazed at what $50 buys in internet electronics right now. That said we have some problems.
– Doing Khan Academy with a 7″ screen – when the keyboard comes up it obscures about half the screen, generally including the question.
– Some of the tablets couldn’t play some of the games.

Today was our first day making a big push to get kids using Khan Academy. Before today we’ve been doing a variety of ‘educational’ childrens games and some puzzle games.

Getting kids set up on KhanAcademy was a real challenge. We brought over an Airtel 4g router like what we use at Jaaga Study. It was sort of ok, but some tablets never managed to connect to KhanAcademy thru it.

Making an account for the kids was super time consuming. In the 90 minutes we spent there I got three kids set up. We had 4 volunteers doing the same thing. The classroom had 30+ kids in it who were all constantly impatient about getting a tablet.

When everything worked properly, the kids were able to do the math problems, and it seemed like some of them enjoyed it. We started them off with early math which was easy even for them and they seemed to like the success.

I’ve come to appreciate the value of happy sounds and big smiley faces as positive feedback for getting things correct.

Some of the challenges in early math were difficult. There’s a whole section of problems that look like 3 + ? = 7 . Another section seemed obscure even to me it had problems like. 7 + 21 = ? 7 + (15 + ?) = (3 + ?) + 21 =

These also didn’t go well.

The kids did better than I expected with simple word problems like: “drag 7 foxes into the box”

They were also pretty good about picking squares and rectangles from a list and even recognizing the words square and rectangle.

They didn’t get the more complicated word problems. “Sally had 4 pencils and then her friend gave her 3 more….”

Tonight we’re going to make 35 child accounts for everyone so when we go into class tomorrow they just have to log in. Hopefully that will make it better.