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Study Residencies

Jaaga Study Residencies for Fall Quarter (October 3 – December 17) 2016.

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  • ChatBots for The CodeForIndia Learning X-Prize entryThis is really just another name for the CodeForIndia Fellowship. I’m trying to gather a group of people together to push the learning x-prize app forward. Our entry is based on chat bots which help kids develop their math, language & life skills. I feel it is a super important category of applications for us to develop and should also be extremely interesting for developers who want to get exposure to the whole Conversational Commerce / #CommConv wave taking place now.
  • Natural Language Processing Stanford’s CoreNLP Google’s Parsy McParseface Facebook’s Wit.AIThere is so much happening with AI and Natural Language Programmming right now, it is hard to stay on top of. Many of the tech giants are publishing open source platforms to make it easier for new developers to apply these innovations in their own projects. This residency is to give people time they can use to tinker with these tools. Part of my motivation for offering this residency is to develop ideas that may turn into proposals for CodeForIndia Fellowships that will use these technologies to improve the lives of people in India and around the world.
  • Electric Unicycle Team (Modding, Racing, Servicing, Assembling, …)Electric Unicycles are the best invention of the 21st century. Seriously, other than the smart phone and the internet I haven’t interacted with another technology that has so radically impacted my life. And as with so many of these new technologies, it is exciting to be on the bandwagon early. Unicycles are evolving rapidly and we have the chance to be part of that change and also to bring Electric Unicycle to India.
  • Ethereum / The DAOWriting Contracts in Ether & Creating proposals for TheDAOBitCoin and the BlockChain have received a great deal of attention over the last years. Ethereum seems like the most interesting next step on this path, and with TheDAO there appears to be a mechanism and market for introducing and vetting ‘smart contracts’ written for Ethereum. The opportunity here is to spend time learning how to write smart contracts and put together a proposal to TheDAO that can be shown at the final event December 17.

Residents camp with us at Hamsah Organic Farm just outside Bangalore. We get decent internet via several Airtel 4g routers, have a kitchen and cook who makes us local vegetarian food, and generally enjoy each others company.

Jaaga Study Pallet StructureResidencies are mostly self directed. People submit a rough plan of how they’d like to spend their time when they apply. I am hoping to have multiple people in each residency so there will be a small group of people to bounce ideas off of, trouble shoot problems, and collaborate with. I also ask residents to be generous contributing time to the community by running small workshops, conducting seminars, or doing code reviews and office hours with people just beginning their coding journey at Jaaga Study.

December 17 we demo, talk about what we’ve learned and suggest future work. Residencies are free of charge, include a place to sleep, internet, and food. There is no travel allowance or stipend.