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Solar Unicycles and Internet Learning Centers

Pallet Rack Structure set up at Kumbh Mela as a local administrative center by Sampath Reddy. It’s looking like I’m going to set up an ‘Internet Learning Center’ on my farm. Made from Pallet Racks I’d like to make it energy self sufficient with solar.

At the same time I just bought 10 KingSong unicycles with 174 watt hour swappable batteries. I bought an extra 10 batteries and chargers so when this package arrives it’ll come with 20 nos 174 watt hour batteries operating at about 60 volts.

Given this I’d like to not have to buy large lead acid batteries for my new Solar Powered Internet Learning Center.

One option might be to rout the solar directly into an inverter and then just use the AC battery chargers to charge the batteries.

I think the battery packs have USB ports built into them so we might be able to charge tablets directly from them.

Ideally we figure out to change speakers, laptops and projectors too.