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The Singularity Festival of Learning

Sometimes I think about Jaaga Study as if it were a festival. Our theme and vibe is one of futuristic nomadism. We use all available technology to live lightly and fabulously on the ground. We have a strong culture of learning and sharing and enjoyment.

There are many activities at the festival. There are screenings, and lightening talks, and study groups, and workshops, and competitions, and hackathons, and gaming sessions, and large interactive art works. The culture of the festival is one of giving and sharing and showing off ones knowledge. This is a place to play with the future. To make self driving cars, or walking robots, or talking machines. This is a place to study artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and localized social service android applications.

This is a camping festival. There are some open camping areas for people who just come in, and some areas designated to larger theme camps. I run the Ashram as a camp which maintains the core operation of the festival.

Other camps could be clustered around a startup idea, open source project or specific technology. There can also be small camps of digital nomads.

Access to the festival for some fee which includes basic internet, but does not food. We have a kitchen set up which serves meals for a charge. Some camps cover the fees for their members. ie The Ashram takes care of all of these expenses for its members. Camps may have expectations of their members in terms of contribution or participation in camp activities. Most people pay on their own and decide on their own how to spend their time.

We give grants to individuals and groups to do residencies who we hope can make a significant contribution to our community. For the fall quarter we have grants available for :

Research grants are for opening up our understanding of a new technology. Grantees are expected to publish (blog, tweet, code…) insights based on their experience playing with a technology. Grantees should also share within the local community about the technology giving talks, conducting screenings or workshops, and then finally presenting and proposing ideas for future research or projects at the final event.

For Fall 2016 we are offering Research Grants in the fields of

  • Ethereum – Solidity – Smart Contracts
  • NLP – cloud apis – chatbots

We also have development grants for people working art installations or public service open source projects. Development projects should demo at the final event. As much as possible development teams should share with the community about the technology.

For Fall 2016 we are offering Development Grants for

  • ChatBots for education – Learning X-Prize
  • Electric Unicycles
  • Interactive art / tech installations