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School of Yoga, Technology & Sustainable Living

Thoughts on Jaaga Study 2015 – 16

Oct – March outskirts of Bangalore
April & May Dharmashala

This is an intensely physical program. I believe a strong yoga practice builds discipline, clarity of thought, physical health and confidence. The yoga we practice is gathered from a variety of traditions. It includes a strong asana practice for developing strength and flexibility, and also includes breath practice, meditation, and singing / chanting. Monday – Friday we do one hour of yoga asana, pranayama & mediation every morning, and one hour of movement, bhajans & meditation every evening.

Jaaga Study is a place to develop technical skills people can use to earn a livelihood and affect change in the world. Most people study software development by taking online classes and working on small projects. During this time people create portfolios that represent their skills. By the end of 9 months we expect people to be proficient web and mobile software developers. We also aspire to ‘live in the future’ by using new technologies in our daily lives. In this way we use electric unicycles, quadcopters, smart phones, and LEDs extensively.

Sustainable Living
One huge benefit of working with technology is that all we need is a fast internet connection to be productive. We spend six months during the winter living on a farm on the outskirts of Bangalore in Southern India. I believe this is the right mix of natural lifestyle with access to a vital urban community. We maintain a ‘leave no trace’ philosophy in which we set up temporary structures to support our community and then pack them down such that the land can be farmed during the wet season. We do the same thing on open land near Dharmshala for April & May.