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/ Freeman

RSPCT Vision

After spending so much time preparing for the RSPCT event this past Saturday, I feel more clear about the role I want RSPCT to play in the ecosystem.

Fundamentally we need more good software developers to grow the startup / technology ecosystem here in Bangalore. Otherwise the only way for an individual startup to grow is by poaching talent from other companies.

The supply side of the tech talent equation is changing. People turn to the internet to learn web and mobile technologies, and they use the internet to represent their capability to the rest of the community.

RSPCT can help give independent learners direction with their studies. We can identify those students who have achieved certain levels of competence. We can facilitate connections between them and startups for jobs or internships, and we can help set expectations between young developers and startups as they engage – especially for internships.

We’ve already started planning the next RSPCT event in early April.