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Age Groups

I’d like to reach out to high school students 15 – 17 years of age with our tablet program. This is an age group where I feel people have more capacity for learning more advanced math and computer skills than teachers in local government schools can offer. Its when some of the practical realities of adult life start seeming imminent along with the motivation for training that brings. It leads into the age group (17 – 20) I would like to start working with in Jaaga Study.

None of the kids in the school programs we’re doing now are this old, so I’m thinking of visiting the open field near the local high school after school gets out and letting kids play with the unicycles and do Khan Academy.

We can use the RSPCT event in March to sell kids on puting effort into KA. I’ll offer tablets and power banks as prizes to kids who put effort into Khan Academy as well as admission to Jaaga Study 2016.