Programs and space for creative people.

Advisers are senior people from industry with technical, business and life experience. Their role is to understand a fellows specific needs and aptitudes and work with them to develop an academic plan that clearly defines what activities they can do to advance their understanding further. For the project portion of the class the adviser acts as lead investor. In this role they meet regularly to understand how progress is being made, to give guidance, make useful introductions, and help founders resolve problems. Coaches follow up with students on their academic progress. If students are struggling with some concept or problem coaches facilitate communication with expert mentors to make sure students have the help they need. Coaches act as the ‘biz guy’ in the project helping make sure key processes are in place, student developers have what they need, and the team is cohesive and moving forward in a good direction.

Technical Mentors help students with specific technical problems they’re having as well as provide high level guidance about how to break the high level goals down into achievable tasks.

Study Groups Students themselves organize into study groups who follow a particular class or subject of study together. Study groups form and dissolve dynamically according to the length of the course or learning project the group formed around.

Startup Teams Students also form into startup teams who they work with as developers on a viable startup idea. Startup teams stay together exactly 12 weeks. At the end of each quarter individuals get invited into a new startup team they will work with in the following 12 weeks.