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2013 Roadshow Rockstars

  ## About Jaaga Roadshow

The Jaaga Roadshow takes place in August every year. During this 3 week travel schedule we will be showcasing a select portfolio of Indian tech startups, to investors, philanthropists and the business communities with a focus on the West Coast of USA. We would like to help Indian startups connect with investors and gain exposure internationally. We look for companies that are or are close to making money, trying to raise funds and want exposure to western markets. NOTE: APPLICATION FOR 2013 IS CLOSED!### NOTE FROM FREEMAN MURRAY ON THE JAAGA 2013 ROADSHOW

I spend most of July and August every year traveling the USA west coast visiting family and friends. Starting this year I want to showcase Indian startups and social organizations to potential investors over there who might like to get involved. I am a TIE Charter member, so I am reaching out to the TIE network to arrange meetings with them in different cities. In Silicon Valley I have some other strings I can pull as well. I expect the people I meet with will be technical and interested in innovative web services / mobile applications. I am also going to lean towards rev-share type deals with startups that have a USA entity. Rather than showing an endless powerpoint, I would like teams I represent to show 5 screen shots that demonstrate the value they provide to customers along with how they monetize it. Additionally, I’d like to show 1-2 screen shots of Google Analytics to show traction. This is an experiment. I’m not promising that I’ll be able to help you raise money, simply that I’ll try. I am also not asking anything in return. I expect I’ll only be able to represent up to 10 teams this trip. ### PRE-REQUISITES

  • Compelling proposition / service

  • Product needs to be basically done / ready for use

  • Alpha customers

  • Cloud hosted

  • Github

  • Functional website

  • Technically solid team