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There’s more to life than code and more to learning than online classes.
We use **technology extensively** while **living simply** in nature. **This is the future. Let’s get good at it.** The Jaaga Study Residential Program includes a **serious yoga **program. The daily routine includes yoga, meditation, community service, software classes, projects and physical activity. Study residents anchor the core Jaaga Study []( and [CodeForIndia Fellowship]( programs through their community service.

Monday - Friday the schedule is 8am - 9am | Yoga (asana, pranayam) 9am - 10am | Breakfast 10am - 1pm | Community Service 1pm - 2pm | Lunch 2pm - 5pm | Studies 5 - 6:30pm | Sport / Movement / Music 6:30 - 8pm | Bhajans & Meditation 8pm onwards | Dinner and Free time

Radical responsibility is a core tenet of this program. This means taking responsibility for the resources you need to be functional and happy. So, in addition to your virtual activities you will expend physical effort working with core infrastructure: elctricity, water, internet, trash, toilets, structures, etc.

The Jaaga Study Residential Program is 8 months long taking place on an organic farm near Bangalore September through March, and then near Dharamshala in April and May. In June people graduate into CodeForIndia Fellowships where they work on open source community service software projects.

The Jaaga Study Residential Program is free. However participation in all the activities is mandatory, as is a 1 year commitment to CodeForIndia. A laptop and a Moto-G level Android smart phone is a prerequisite. This program is specifically for aspiring software developers and people need to make consistent forward progress towards this goal in order to stay in the program.