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React Js & Firebase

  • 6 Weeks intensive React js & Firebase Training
  • Free coworking and colearning Saturday-Sunday (10AM to 6PM)

Next Up: March 15


Front End Web Developer, Avg. Starting Salary: ₹450K - ₹650K per annum


  • You should be proficient with HTML, CSS & basic JavaScript programming.

What you'll learn?

  • Intermediate JavaScript
  • ES6
  • React Ecosystem
    • JSX & Elements rendering
    • Components & props
    • States & Lifecycles
    • Handling Events
    • Thinking in React
  • Firebase (Backend as a Service)
  • Firebase Storage, Operations
  • CRUD App with React and Firebase Database


Rajanshu Ujjwal is an expert at JavaScript Web/Mobile App Development & Information Security. When he's not guiding learners, he helps ventures build more secure apps.


Email or call +91 957-924-0555 for more information.