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Raghuvir Kasturi talks about React + Flux

Facebook’s Flux is changing client-side apps

How is Facebook’s Flux architecture changing the way we build rich client-side applications? What problems do React + Flux solve? How do they compare to the competition, Angular.js in particular? Is React + Flux ready for production?

If any of these questions keep you awake at night, this session at  Jaaga, held on 24th April at 5:00pm was the solution to it all! IMG_1159### Here’s a peek at what was spoken about at the talk:

React, as described by Facebook, is “A JavaScript library for building user interfaces”. Flux, on the other hand, is described as “Application architecture for building user interfaces”. Working together, they provide an architectural pattern and an API to build rich client-side applications.
Fluxful architecture differs from traditional MVC in that it advocates unidirectional data flow. Flux applications are made up of 4 major parts: stores, views, actions, and a dispatcher.
**Stores** contain all the logic and state information associated with the application. Facebook introduced an immutable data library that fits this role very well (immutable.js).
**Actions** can be thought of as a method for application state change; all the actions for a given application create a semantic internal API that describe all the possible ways the state of the application can be modified.
The **dispatcher** is “the central hub that manages all data flow in a Flux application”.
The** view **layer is where React comes in. While Flux allows you to use any view library here, React was built to fit this spot. React’s virtual DOM and component lifecycle API, coupled with the ability to create rich nested application views that perform well at scale make it the natural fit for the view layer in a Flux application.
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