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Public Space/Art Space: Talk At Goethe Institut | TODAY | 7.7.14

Something’s cooking under the KH Double Road Flyover… keep your eyes peeled, next time you drive by. Making the best use of public space creatively, here come some fresh and innovative ideas from Germany and from closer home.

Join in on the Art InSight Lecture Series at goethe Institut TODAY. With Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Archana Prasad****, Curators of INVESTMENTZONEGelsenkirchen and Bangalore respectively, PLUS Surekha and Sunoj D., who fresh from the 8th Berlin Art Biennial, for a discussion on about the Festival and various aspects of art in the public space in the two countries.

Event: Lecture Series – Art InSight: Public Space/Art Space with Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Archana Prasad, Surekha & Sunoj D.

Date: July 7, 2014, 6.30 p.m.

Venue: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Free Entry. All are welcome!


Oliver** Kochta-Kalleinen** is a visual artist based in Helsinki. He works with video and performance often using a participatory approach. He is co-founder of, YKON and He also gained experience in facilitation techniques and game-design in order to design and host workshops, un-conferences or group meetings. Occasionally he develops software in the Livecode environment.

Archana Prasad, is an artist from Bangalore. Her work is a particular conjunction of visual art, technology and urban community art, steeped in design and research methodologies. As Founder & Director of, Archana has a unique urban artist-activist role. Times of India’s Jury selected her as one of 25 young people of importance for the city of Bangalore. Time Out featured her along with 10 others artists as prime contributors to the city’s cultural landscape.

Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Archana Prasad are curators of Archipelago Investment Zone, a participatory art work and reality game. Ten citizens in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) and ten citizens in Bangalore (India) have been invited to make use of a plot of abandoned land and transform it over the course of six months. They will reveal the master plan, and the first exciting impulses are already there to see…

Surekha is a visual/video artist, who has been exploring how video as an artistic form negotiates contemporary public and private space. She uses photography and video installations to interrelate the domains of archiving, documenting and performing, by reflecting on how visuality can engage with socially engaged aesthetics. Surekha is currently curator of the Rangoli Metro Art Centre, an initiation of Namma Metro, a multidisciplinary art and cultural centre, encouraging the idea of reaching art to the general public.

She will share her perceptions of Berlin City as an interactive art space, in the public spaces. With a quick glimpse of the buzzing interactive city – art spaces, community gardens, art in the underground; and her interactions with artists involved in public art projects.

Sunoj D.’s early work explores the dynamic between individual and group identity in the socio-political setting of his native Kerala. His recent work is inspired by his move from a village to a city, from a house surrounded by paddy fields to ultimately an apartment. Broadly, this work examines the changing quality of man’s relationship with nature, while acknowledging the abiding connection between the two. Of particular concern to Sunoj is the alienation of man from land and cultivation. In his own case, he describes this as ‘loss of farmerness’. In response, he conceives urban buildings whose balconies and terraces are lush with paddy. He also extends to cultivation the language of convenience and compactness used in modern interior design.

Sunoj was in Germany for the Berlin Art Biennial and also to meet Alfons Knogl, former bangaloREsident@1 Shanthi Road, with whom he is working on a collaborative project that sparked off during the bangaloREsidency in 2013. He will talk about community gardens in Berlin and the increasing popularity of farming in cosmopolitan Europe, besides touching on specific works in the Art Biennial.