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Pre Work

Last quarter we ran a ‘workshop’ for applicants to the Jaaga Study program in which we asked them to do a variety of tasks like create a website and take some of the classes on CodeAcademy. The CodeAcademy part was especially useful as it gave us a great window into how well someone knew the material, how well they could learn from online material, and how much effort they were willing to put into learning web design and software development. Further, now that the program has begun we see that people who just did the bare minimum on CodeAcademy needed to spend the first couple of weeks brushing up on skills that the more motivated applicants did before arriving.

As I browse what other programming bootcamps do I realize there’s another name for this – PreWork. So, for this next batch I’m assigning the html/css and javascript tracks as PreWork people should complete before beginning the program. We’ll be looking at people’s progress on this to determine whether we think they’ll be successful in this program.

Senior people who know this stuff already can test out by showing us work they’ve done that demonstrates solid knowledge of programming and html/css.