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Planning our first KA Class

Tomorrow is our first session with the local government school. We only have an hour so I want to think through how we will spend that time. My thought is to get started with ‘Where’s my Water’. We already have it installed on all twelve tablets. Then I’d like to get people set up with an account on KhanAcademy.

An open question is how well the internet will work with 12 devices hitting one airtel router at the same time. We’ve got KALite up on one of our laptops and may simply run off of that.

When I had KALite working earlier I noticed that some of the skills had a very small number of exercises. To complete one skill I ended up completing the same 5 math problems 2 or 3 times.

I’m excited that it’s all open source. The more I play with it the more things I’d like to change / tweak. Fortunately there’s a Getting Startedguide for developers.