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Panel by Panel / Penthouse Prep

[![Photo Credit: PInky Gandhi ](,w_200/v1510940297/DSC_8749_a1jpfj.jpg?resize=200%2C300)]( Credit: PInky Gandhi
Jaaga’s front wall is coming down panel by panel. Coordinated teams tear away at our concrete skin exposing our coworkers. Giving them more air. It’s disappearing into the noise of Double Road. Out to the Banana Plantation it goes. Panel by panel. Meanwhile the Jaaga Penthouse is preparing for our arrival. The walls are white, the balconies: Jaaga Red. Everything needs a good scrub but it’s magnificent and we could not be more excited to arrive! The archways are elegant, the bedrooms sprawling. It’s a whole new Jaaga. Photos of the new space to be posted soon. ☺
[![Photo Credit: Pinky Gandhi ](,w_300/v1510940295/DSC_8863_oqmx6b.jpg?resize=300%2C200)]( Credit: Pinky Gandhi