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6.00 P.M, August 19th

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, 716, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, 1st Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore.



Photography Exhibition by Sabine Felber, bangaloREsident@Blank Noise 4 short digital stories + 21 self-portraits of women in Bangalore

Sabine Felber, bangaloREsident@Blank Noise, worked with Blank Noise to find 4 people who would narrate a short personal story. The project was guided by the statement “I never ask for it”, the campaign slogan of Blank Noise. She found 4 stories about topics which are not country-specific, but in many ways universal. The digital stories comprise the narrators’ voice, self-portraits, portraits, music and short video sequences. These will be screened during the exhibition. Sabine also took the opportunity to work with 21 women from different social backgrounds on self-portraits, a method she has used regularly in the past.

The act of taking a self-portrait – with the help of a remote control – with the camera sitting on a tripod – gives the person in front of the camera nearly 100 percent control and responsibility for the outcome. The interpretation of the photographer is eliminated because the photographer is simply not there. Sabine only helps the participant choose the background, the best light situation, the setting of the camera. Then she leaves the person alone. Without the possibility to make sure that they look “right” – no mirrors, no double-checking – participants display what they feel represents And they take possession of their own image/identity.


A Panel Discussion about Public Arts in Bangalore

Over the last decade Bangalore has witnessed a surge of public art practices, with a focus to root it to its urban context, its social, institutional, political and infrastructural conditions. What makes Public Art in Bangalore unique to this city? Are there recognizable aspects to the representation and production of art in public space in the way Bangalore does it? This panel discussion aims to tease out the happenings of the recent times, that has contributed to the current environment in Bangalore with regards to art created in public space for the people of the city.


SMITHA CARIAPPASmitha Cariappa is a Visual and Performance artist based in Bangalore. She received her formal art education B.F.A. and M.F.A. in painting from college of Fine Art Bangalore University. Her formative years have been in experimentation in painting, sculpture and installation. Recipient of prestigious awards, to name-Nehru for her work on the ethnic culture of the Kodavas and Albert Museum Award and Commonwealth Arts award enabled her to pursue her experimentation at the University of Newcastle, North England between 1997 and 98. Since 2000 she collaborated with contemporary dancer and has been doing interactive performance videos in which she uses her body emotively and weaves personal and biographical stories. She has performed, attended international Performance workshops and Artists residency programme since 2002 in India, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean islands. She has the unique perspective on the Live Art space due to her role Chief Organizer for Live Art Festival 2011.

SUMANA CHANDRASHEKARSumana is a performing Carnatic vocalist and a ghatam player. After doing a Masters in Economics and a post-graduate diploma in Journalism, she pursued an interest in civil services only to quickly forsake it to do what she loved most – work in the arts. She earlier wrote music reviews for leading publications. With a keen interest in music education, Sumana has been part of the core team that designed the music education component of ‘Kali-Kalisu’, an arts education teacher training initiative that involved government school teachers across the state of Karnataka. Since then, she has been conducting music and sound workshops for teacher-educators, trainee teachers and children. She has put together the music/sound module of the arts education resource book for D.Ed pre-service teachers and teacher educators in Karnataka. She has also presented papers on music and music education and has performed in India and abroad. Sumana is currently researching the ghatam and is working with the ghatam makers in Tamil Nadu. An avowed wanderlust and a wildlife enthusiast, she believes that it is the journey that gives meaning to the destination.

SURESH KUMAR GSuresh Kumar is a Visual and Performance artist based in Bangalore. His early practice has been in sculptural installations, addressing the social and environmental issues surrounding him. From 2003 he has been into Performance art and Art activism, amongst the communities, and has been working on community, public and collective art projects and initiatives in the city.

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