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OnePlus India at Jaaga Startup

We were ecstatic to have Mr. Miguel Martin Romero, Chief Evangelist at OnePlus conduct a talk at Jaaga Startup penthouse.

image3A sneak at what Miguel spoke about, 'OnePlus was born in Dec. 2013. Founded by our CEO, Pete Lau, the company announced its first device on April 23rd, the One. Lau has spent his entire career in the technology industry.

Tired of the expensive yet low quality phones on the market, OnePlus tries to make the best choices for its users to create the perfect Android device, the 2014 Flagship Killer.

Founded around the company mantra ¨Never Settle,¨ this startup company endeavors to return to a focus on user value. In this vain, we invest as many resources as possible in the devices themselves, and opt for new Marketing tactics with a focus on community to create awareness and attract users without a huge marketing budget."