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Ode to Jaaga 2.0 from Amrutha Bushan

Dear Jaaga,

It’s going to be our first anniversary of being together. This one year has seen me through photo assignments, writing, photo-blogs, playing the office DJ, meeting interesting people who eventually became new friends to keep, not just that – a lot of reunions with the old friends happened too! I even celebrated festivals I celebrate at home with you! You were my second home and for this, I am indebted to you. Below is a word collage of our year together! (2012-2013)

Double road| Climbing the structure for the first time| Red, White wine at the cafe| Hired Cameras| Matted hair Travelers| The green Hanuman at Jaaga store| Playing office DJ| Ceramic ashtrays| Glass bottles studded mud heart| Basil pasta for every lunch| Meetings, discussions and organic chaos| Kitchen gardens| Pet adoption drives| Berlin has a new friend(my niece!)| Artists in residence| nomadic artists| Theater rehearsals| Meeting and office spaces| Travelers’ meet| IDEX fellows| Learning new languages of life| Lemon grass and Ginger chai| Hand Me Up| Old interns and new co-workers| Ugadi at Jaaga| Writing and Rhyming| Photo shooting and Photo editing| Mini Libraries and Author visits| Music Jams and brimming lights| That exciting 12km drive everyday| Tripping net connections| Budding entrepreneurs and established ventures| New Camera| Uttarakhand Hackathon| Admission to Srishti| New colleagues| Jaaga Study| Shopping sprees with Johanna| Learning, growing and prospering!|

Love always,
Amrutha Bushan