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Ode to Foodys: An Open Letter of Love

Dearest Foodys, our darling, our love,

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

We love thee to the depths of Usloor Lake, to the heights of UB city, through the traffic and through the monsoons. How will we ever live without you? Our hearts are breaking with the thought of moving away from your South Indian meals and experimental daily dosas. We risk our lives every day crossing the street to get your sweet chaat and cheap coffee. The perils of double road are nothing compared to our love for you and your fresh idly.

Your rice bhath has sustained us through the long hours of work and there is nothing better than a coffee / chaat break to get our creative juices flowing. Whether it is lunch, an afternoon snack or a late night dinner, you’re always there for us. Your loyalty is stronger than the pellet racks that hold up our dear Jaaga.

And I know. Now we’re throwing all of that away. And for what? A new space? I know it’s hard to understand right now but one day you’ll see. We just need to make this step to grow, to mature, to become more ourselves. It’s hard but we know it’s the best thing for both of us right now.

We promise to visit. Surely not as often as we would like. But fear not. Your sweet but not too sweet dahi puri will always bring us back. That is if you will have us? We cannot live without your fresh juices and questionable ice cream desserts. Please understand.

Please know, dear foodys, that as we move on, we keep you in our hearts. Like a song of sambar your love will play on in our hearts and in our bellies.

Always yours,