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Upcoming Dates for the next Jaaga Study Batch

Our first batch has started and we have begun accepting applications for the next batch which will begin April 15. This time there will be a two step application process. During the first part our coaches work to help you develop your online profile. Our minimum requirements which are:

  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Personal Website
  • At least 30% of CodeYear on CodeAcademy done
  • Bank Account and PayPal setup

We encourage you to go as far as you can in CodeAcademy and to make your personal website and LinkedIn profiles as good and full as possible so that we can know what you’ve done and what you’re interested in. March 3 the current batch of students will begin interviewing applicants to the second batch. This will be the same process a startup would follow as it looks to bring on new talent. We will begin sending out acceptence letters almost immediately, tho you can still apply up until March 31.