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My Pallet Rack History

I have been working with pallet racks for the past 12 years in a number of scenarios. The unifying factor has been a need temporary high density habitable space. LAFCO: The first structure I created was inside a large open 'loft' in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. I was working with 'The Los Angeles Filmmakers Coop' at the time and we got a short term lease on an old industrial building in an artsy neighborhood to be a community center supporting local independent filmmakers. We wanted to provide studio space for filmmakers to work on their projects, while also hosting public events screenings, workshops, art shows, parties. The space had 20 foot ceilings, so we build a mezzanine structure with pallet racks to provide private studio space for the filmmakers while leaving the ground floor open for events. When our lease was up we took the structure down and brought it out to Burningman. Burningman: Is a large festival held in the desert in America. 2 of its core tenants are 'radical self reliance', and 'leave no trace'. This basically means participants are tasked with creating their own structures, having a good time, and then taking everything down in one week. After LAFCO I brought the pallet racks to burningman and have been building large temporary structures out there with them ever since. Jaaga: In 2009 I met Archana Prasad in Bangalore. She was looking to set up an artist coop and had the idea of doing it on temporary land. She convinced Naresh Narsimhan (a local architect) to let us use an undeveloped plot of land he owns in the center of the city. I sourced pallet racks from a fabricator in Chennai and Archana and I worked together to build Jaaga. We developed the concept of 'The Living Building' and hosted a number of artist residencies where people could come and add layers of life to the building such as a vertical garden, programmable lights, and a multi channel sound system that could move voices ghost like through the building. Jaaga Study: After 4 years in the city I moved out of town to set up a study program where people could learn software development by taking online classes. We leased some land from a farmer and built a new pallet rack structure to serve as a dorm and study space for students. Right now: I am very excited about this region of Bangalore. I moved to India because I believed it was changing rapidly and I thought it would be exciting to be a part of that change. No where is that change more apparent than on the periphery of the major metros of India. As fast as the cities are developing though, in the human time scale it is still relatively slow, and most of the land is fallow as the owners wait for the right conditions to build. In the mean time if we can build high density temporary structures it brings in some passive income to the land owners, and provides low cost housing for people. Especially near Bangalore whose growth is fueled largely by IT, we can be very productive with minimal infrastructure.