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Moves Like Jaaga

Dear Jaaga Community,

We are excited to announce that Jaaga, sticking to our nomadic roots, will be moving to a new location for the second time! We’re looking for a new space to accommodate the growth of our tracks: DNA, Study, Startup and Community.

The Jaaga Crew is currently on the lookout for a large independent house preferably close to our current location. If you hear of anything please contact us right away at

Deconstruction of our Living Building will start shortly. To facilitate and document our move we are looking for volunteers to deconstruct and document in photo and video form. Please email info@jaaga if you are free to help out!

Thank you so much for making Jaaga what it is today. In its current location Jaaga is proud to have executed over 30 projects, hosted and supported over 300 coworkers and over 500 events. We are thankful for all those who’ve played a role in our vibrant and growing community.

More announcements with details will follow. Please let us know if you are available to help or have any questions.

Best Wishes,

Jaaga Crew