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MOOC platforms from a Coach perspective

Tracking how students are doing is a main part of my job running the Jaaga Study program. We have had people using several different online courses to learn programming and web design.

From my perspective right now CodeSchool‘s team interface is the best as it gives me an ongoing feed of activity from my students taking their classes.

CodeAcademy also gives students very good profile pages. This is the primary metric we look at when accepting people into the program. I wish they gave me a feed of student activity, but its free so I’m definitely not complaining.

Some of my students are taking the intro to Java course on Udemy. They don’t have ongoing assignments or quizzes so they need to find an outside tool to represent their learning.

I also have a couple students taking the Intro to Computer Networking from Stanford. They will at least get a certificate at the end, tho I need to sit with them personally to see how its going until then.

I haven’t tried TeamTreeHouse yet. We talked a bit, but I wasn’t able to get a team plan that made sense for the type of program I’m running.