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Jaaga Labs is a story of unions. A union of our learnings from innovating in startup, corporate and academic environments. And a union of this learning with IP from other startups and skilled trainees from our Study program.

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Our Products

SmartHome Kit for Alexa

SmartHome Hardware+Software Kit for Alexa

Smart Weighing Scale

Smart Weighing Scale


Weave - Better Internal Collaborations

Recent Projects


Dara - A Collaborative ChatBot for Artists

Client: British Council

Impact Tracking

Impact Tracker

Client: Daily Dump


Font Comparator

Client: Universal Thirst

Our expertise evolves constantly, with core strengths in:

  • Industrial IoT - contact us to help deliver your bespoke automation, process control or predictive maintenance projects or try our ready-in-5 wrapper for IoT offerings from AWS, Azure and Google
  • Consumer IoT - our sensor, app and cloud building blocks are designed with users at the center of the IoT experience. Ensure privacy, security and usability without months of trial and error.
  • Electronics and Wireless - let us help you navigate the world of endless options for components (ESP32/NRF52/?) and protocols (BLE/WiFi/ZigBee/LoRa/...)
  • RFID - we built the world's smallest UHF RFID tag for livestock and the first wirelessly meshed reader network
  • Web and mobile app development - the graduates from our Jaaga Study program can help you build your app using the latest best practices in record time
  • Conversational interfaces - we have recently been fascinated by chatbots and helped deliver Dara with natural language and multilingual capability. Contact us for your requirements.
  • Optimised devops - while we prefer serverless architectures for almost everything we build we have deep expertise in deploying infrastructure using VMs, Docker and Kubernetes
  • High power microwave processing of materials - for increased energy and productivity