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/ Freeman

Kids with Tablets v1

pictures from our first trip into the village. I’m super glad we did this.

Some initial observations: - The temple spot under the trees in the village was a good place. It was very visible. - we started around 3:45. It took 15 minutes or so for kids to discover us and come. A little after 5 people were loosing attention - kids loved the games - the very young kid with the slowest tablet would constantly go back to the home screen and launch another app when whatever app he was in wasn't responsive enough. - kids helped each other a lot, though some times it took the form of 'let me show you' which is not really helping. - everyone had a good time - there was no concern of people running away with the tablets. - maybe 2 kids per tablet would be a fine ratio. 1 tablet per kid is ideal. - kids want to see what the other kids are doing and then do that