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kids with tablets #3

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Today we went to a local government school where we have a friend running a ‘learning center’ that runs parallel to the regular school. We’re going to try to keep a weekly schedule for the next month or two and see how that goes. I had the idea we would start the session having the kids play puzzle games and then move into khan academy.

In my opinion the session was a hit. Its not every day a foreigner with an electric unicycle and a backpack full of tablets shows up at a village school. Kids were excited and happy to get their hands on the tablets. As far as how to use the tablets and play the games some kids ‘got it’ and some didn’t. We had twice as many tablets and more than twice as many kids as we’ve had in our under a tree sessions. It was probably more than twice as chaotic.

It reinforced my idea that the khan academy coach largely provides technical support. Kids were constantly bringing us tabs that had got into a random state so we could bring them back into the zone. We spend at least an hour before hand making sure they were all charged and had the right apps installed. We even brought a 4g router with its own battery.

Talking with my friend in who’s class we were interloping he was happy with how it turned out. We had talked alot about math and language beforehand, but it was clear this was a good outcome for today, and maybe for a few weeks we need to think of the tablet class more like an elective rather than core curriculum. We didn’t get that far.