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Kids Under a Tree With Tablets v2

pics We did our second action taking our bunch of 7 tablets over to another small village near here. We go thru the village on our way to and from the farm so I feel some connection to it. There’s a large square with a temple and a jaagarnaut in storage. Across from that are three tree shrines I like so much. These are where between two large trees is placed some shrine or dieties and then rectangle around them is raised with concrete and stone. It was a bit more public then last time. There were some older kids and young men around too. We slowly grew to have 7 or 8 kids playing with the tablets. Its nice to have enough so that every kid gets to play with their own tablet. Where’s my water was probably the most common thing played, but they played a variety of other games too.

It was nice we had the unicycles there to entertain the older people. They had fun learning to ride it. We didn’t really let them use the tablets.

I am feeling the need for Kiosk mode. I want to control the apps that are available for kids to play. Focus is one of the traits I want to convey, and helping people stick with hard problems and difficulties may be part of this.

Learning Center 0.1

Yesterday I made child accounts on Khan Academy for the few kids who’ve been hanging out here. I made accounts for three kids and set them up doing math. It was great! At the basic level they are clearly able to do their problems. They know addition and subtraction and some multiplication, can use the computer interface to do random things like ‘move 3 bunnies into the box’.

while the first khan session was great, im finding that if I don’t restrict what people use they go back to arcade games. Getting a kid set up and logged into the right account on KhanAcademy and started solving problems is a significant task. There is a learning curve associated with being a khan academy coach. Its great. They’re catering to a very engaged group and they have a clear interface they can use.

I am also feeling the need for general account management. I’m not yet at the point of giving each kid their own device. I think the devices stick with the space for now.