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KA Coach Gear

I would like to get a coach training program going where we recruit and train young people in the local community to bring tablets into schools and run learning sessions with kids.

We need to learn what the right number of tablets per coach is. I imagine this will depend on the learning situation they are dropping into. For the nomadic electric unicycle riding coach, I bet the number is less than 10. For coaches working in traditional classroom environments I wouldn’t be surprised if 20 was manageable.

coaches should each carry a 4g router with them. Right now we’re using Huweii routers from Airtel. If the 4g router can’t support this number of clients, or has trouble getting signal from within the classroom, we may need to get a separate access point.

We need USB cables for each of the tablets, USB hubs, power banks and power strips. this is going to lead to a big cabling mess so we need twisties to tie up extra cable and some sort of custom bag or box for this all to fit into.

Each tablet needs headphones. It would be great to have ones that go over the ear and cancel noise, but that may be impractical. If we need to use the ear buds, we probably need to include some alcohol disinfectant as well. In addition to the headphones A bluetooth speaker will be useful for setting the ambient tone of the space. An LED projector might also be nice.

While we’re talking about nice.. I’d love coaches to have electric unicycles, bluetooth headsets, and quadcopters to round out their outfits.