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Javascript Bootcamp

I am really happy with the general environment at Jaaga Study. My basic dream from a few years ago to live in nature and help people learn technical skills from the internet has worked out. I believe this is an enjoyable and productive place to spend time.

On the internet we get compared to software bootcamps, and that is what some of the people joining Jaaga Study expect. One of the differences between the environment here and a ‘bootcamp’ is the intensity of coaching. Bootcamps tend to push towards very compressed time schedules, long hours, and big results after just a few months. I am not opposed to this lifestyle, but it is not me and I can’t push a way of being onto my students that I don’t personally subscribe to.

In January Rajanshu will be coaching a more bootcamp style Javascript training program. It will still be largely driven by online content, but will have a much more specific syllabus and aggressive timeline. Rajanshu went to military school, and has been studying Javascript and mentoring some of the other students here. He will lead an 11 week Javascript bootcamp that will run Jan 11 – March 19. This will be an intensive program designed to help people get job ready in 3 months and connect with startups.