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Jagriti Yatra Day 4: Home in Bangalore, Land of Technology

As I pulled into Bangalore this morning on a bus full of my new Yatris friends, I felt a sense of pride showing my city. Our bus pulled in from Whitefield past Domlur and towards Jaaga Penthouse. As we passed the Penthouse on Richmond Road I was mocked by my friends for how excited I was to show them my work. They called the attention of the entire bus to me as I pointed out the Rich Homes apartment building, nearly bouncing out of my seat. So many people have been interested in hearing about Jaaga, it’s fun to share our story with young Indians from across the country. Our conference today took place at the Good Shepard Auditorium where we heard several inspirational talks. Today we heard from Subsoto Bagchi of MindTree, Prashant from ‘I Got Garbage’, Madhurai Chatrapathi the woman who invented tamarind powder and a panel of three entrepreneurs: FlipKart, EcoPay and Exotel. I will write a post soon on the details of their talks. The topic of the day was technology, appropriate given the setting here in Bangalore. The air is chillier here which doesn’t bode well for the weather in the North. My group members are teaching me Hindi, slowly but surely.