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Jagriti Yatra Day 15: The End in Ahmedabad

It was sunny in Ahdmedabad yesterday. The Yatris arrived in Gandhinagar and were shuttled in busses to the shady grove surrounding the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived. It was a simple house, as one would expect from the man who personified simplicity and goodness. With one last nationalistic push the Yatris gathered in front of the house for some good old meditation and patriotic songs. The afternoon was spent listening to a panel discuss amongst themselves Gandhi’s philosophy. Then the Yatra closed with some long winded speeches. An impressive lineup of Tata and Coke, the businessmen showered their praises upon the organization and the experience of the journey. I’m going to need a few days before I can fully articulate what I just experienced on this train and how I feel about it. There were most definitely ups and downs. Overall I would call the experience a good one, a learning one. But I still need to reflect on my feeling about the journey’s intentions and whether I think they achieve their goals. I came on this journey to see India and entrepreneurship outside of Bangalore. After living in Bangalore for 6 months I suspected that Bangalore is not representative of all of India. And after spending 15 days living on a train with 450 Indians from all corners of this enormous country, my suspicions were confirmed. What a mystery India still is to me. More posts to come as I digest.