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Jagriti Yatra Day 13: Goonj in Delhi

Goonj is a fantastic company located in the capital city. Anshu, the founder of Goonj, first realized the importance of textiles after meeting a man who was begging not for food but for clothing. Why was clothing the most important thing this man needed? Because people die from the cold every year. And yet for some reason the basic human right of clothing is never given as much weight as food and shelter. Today Goonj collected discarded clothing from urban areas and upcycles, creating new cloth creations that are given out to communities according to need in exchange for good deeds. Children can earn clothing by brushing their teeth, doing their homework and helping out with chores. Villages work to improve their infrastructure and village overall. More recently Goonj has also started creating reusable sanitary napkins also using (sanitized) discarded cloth. These are sold in both urban and rural area. Overall Goonj was a highlight for many Yatris despite the cold Delhi air.