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Jaaga UABOUT JAAGA U There is a revolution in online learning. Top tier institutions across the world are publishing high quality, free, assessed learning materials and classes on the internet. At JaagaU, we provide motivation, guidance and a creative social environment to help people successfully complete such classes. We bring in local experts who shed light on the local contexts and uses of your learning. We are keen to understand what the learning in the age of the internet looks like so that we can develop a replicable model for a new-age 'university'. Study Groups: Facilitated Learning of Online Open Courseware or Available Online Learning Resources Course Facilitators help students take online classes by organizing weekly meet-ups where they have screenings, discussions and study group sessions. They also help arrange and facilitate interactions with experts and mentors. Our Teaching Assistants follow up with students on making sure they turn in course assignments and study on schedule, and through any stumbling blocks along the way. Study groups are typically between 15 - 30 people per group. As an initial sample we offer 3 study groups from November through December 2012. **Mentorship: Expert Guidance to Motivated Learners **For each of the study groups that are offered, we line up remote expert mentors who offer fixed online office hours and email correspondence to answer problem points or queries from students. Mentors can be working professionals who would be able to dedicate 2-4 hours a week to interact with the students, giving them a real connection with young, smart learners while helping provide invaluable service to the learning community. SAMPLE ONLINE COURSES